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July 14, 2013 / Neil Weinberg

Four Corners


175 E. Franklin Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

The Details:

  • Style: Sit Down
  • Wait Time: 15 mins
  • Price: $8 – $10

The Trial:

Four Corners is one of Franklin Street’s anchor establishments just north of UNC Chapel Hill’s main campus. The relaxed sports bar environment makes it a solid place to grab a meal or spend time hanging out with friends. If you’re looking for a bar type atmosphere, Four Corners provides it, but they also have a decent amount of seating if you’re looking for more of a sit down type place. One of the cool aesthetic aspects of the restaurant is its multi-level seating that allows you to sit above or below bar level, all while still having excellent views of the numerous televisions. The menu isn’t anything to write home about but they offer a standard array of wings, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and entrees along with plenty of drink options if you’re so inclined.



We decided to split two different orders, the first of which was the Rams Club, which we got without tomato and swapped honey mustard in for herbed mayo. The sandwich was well assembled and presented nicely, but the bread left something to be desired. The turkey, bacon, lettuce, and dressing were good, but nothing stood out. If you’re in downtown Chapel Hill, this is a perfectly fine sandwich, but it’s not something for which you should move Heaven and Earth to try.



On the other side of the table, however, the Chicken Parmesan Sub was was much more interesting. The bun wasn’t anything special, but the chicken was well cooked, expertly breaded and the sauce and cheese ratios were right on target. The sauce had a homemade quality and definitely made the Parm Sub stand out above the Rams Club. Both sandwiches came with fries, which had a beer-battered taste to them and were a solid accompaniment to the meal. You might not go out of your way to come to Four Corners just for them, but they won’t leave you disappointed.

The wait staff was a little slow to provide menus and take our order, but once they made contact, they were efficient and friendly. We probably waited 5 to 10 minutes between walking in the door and placing our drink orders (two waters!), but after that the wait time was what you would expect from a sit down restaurant. 

We visited Four Corners early on a Saturday evening during the summer, so our impression of the atmosphere probably isn’t representative of most of the year. For us, it was pretty quiet and low key, but it’s likely a bit more crowded during peak times of the year. All in all, it was a solid experience and a good value, but not an attraction simply for the quality of the sandwich. If you’re looking for something in downtown Chapel Hill, this is a nice place to try, but after our trip there we didn’t spend the drive home reveling in our discovery of the Triangle’s Best Sandwich.

The Verdict (1 – 5 scale):

  • Menu – 3.5
  • Bread – 2
  • Filling – 3.5
  • Taste – 3.5
  • Assembly – 4
  • Extras – 3.5
  • Value – 4
  • Ambiance – 3.25
  • Service – 3.25

The WRAP (out of 100): 63

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